ISSN : 2349-6657

A State-of-Art Review on Bond and Shear Characteristics of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Kavitha. S and Dr.M.S. Ravikumar

A type of concrete mix called fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) includes fibrous components like synthetic or natural fibres or glass fibres. It comprises discrete, short fibres distributed uniformly throughout the composite material, cement, mortar, and fibres. In our investigation, we looked at the writings of several authors who studied FRC's bond and shear properties. The main advantage of fiber within the concrete is to bear the tensile stress and prevent crack propagation. Based on the literature analysis, many types of fiber were used in the concrete to enhance the mechanical properties. Chopped fiber revealed better performance than fiber-reinforced polymer rebar and sheets. The addition of fiber also improves the bond strength. Currently, numerous researches are going on to improve the state of knowledge regarding the effect of fiber on improving the mechanical properties of concrete. Type of fiber, fiber dosage, type of concrete, and diameter of reinforcing bar is some of the parameters considered for the investigation. The paper consists of research works that various research specialists proposed in the past year (2005-2022) on FRC's bond and shear characteristics.

Bond, Fiber, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Shear





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