ISSN : 2349-6657

Cryptographic Provenance Data Protection in IoT and Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks

Sujesh P. Lal and Dr.P.M. Joe Prathap

Data in IoT and wireless sensor network environments are produced and processed by various intermediary sensor nodes until it reaches the base station (BS). The varied character of data also focuses on its associated security issues. It is extremely important to evaluate factualness and dependability of data to ensure that only trustworthy information is used in the decision making process. Provenance is the effective strategy to evaluate the factualness and dependability of data as provenance is considered as a complete record of the ownership of data and operations performed on data. In this paper, we present a ranking model to assess the trustworthiness of data as well as the data publishing sensor nodes based on the provenance information. Concerning providing secure and dependable IoT and WSN systems provenance data needs to be protected against interference and access without having official permission. In this research article, we propose a new architecture for securing provenance using cryptographic techniques and access control based on confidentiality schemes.

Inter-Packet Delay, Provenance, Secure Provenance, Sensor Nodes, Trustworthiness




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