ISSN : 2349-6657

Survey on Encryption Procedure for VANETS

G. Tamilarasi, Dr.K. Rajiv Gandhi and Dr.V. Palanisamy

To a large extent, VANETs help improve road safety, traveller comfort, and intelligent transportation systems, all of which benefit greatly from this technology. Communication between cars and between vehicles and the substructure can be established using a unique short-range communications technology intended for VANETs. VANET introduces the notion of vehicle clustering to improve the network over Homomorphic. It is possible to perform massively valuable processes on encrypted data using homomorphic encryption. Using Homomorphic approaches, we predict that further work will be done on analysing the flow of financial processes using Vanet transactions. In this survey paper, we discussed previous works in drawbacks for VANETs. And also discussed several attacks in VANET, and also indicates the safety measures in VANET. After analysing various metrics and Wireless Access Technologies Comparison, a detailed overview of existing research contributions is also offered. Also included are the advantages and disadvantages of current protocols. By offering a comprehensive examination of Homomorphic encryption in VANET, we hope to inspire researchers in the field.

Security, Privacy, Homomorphic Encryption, Vehicular AdHoc Network, Attacks





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